The chicken is currently reared in Wiltshire, not far from Stonehenge, under the watchful eye of Tim, on a farm deep in the rolling countryside, near Amesbury.

A very modern method of brood and move is used to rear the chicks, which means that the chicks are moved at 5 weeks of age from their brooding site, where they have been since one day old, to their free range housing 5 miles away. This ensures a really clean environment for the chicken, giving a very healthy bird without the use of any antibiotics.

Summary of welfare protocol:

  1. Slow growing breeds, selected for their ability to live outdoors and meat quality.
  2. The birds grown in smaller groups, with free access to large grassy areas and banks.
  3. The birds part of a very modern brood and move system, ensuring they have a clean environment to grow in, at all stages of their life.
  4. A diet consisting of 100% plants based on cereals, free from artificial sugars and supplemented by protein from peas.
  5. A unique feeding regime in which natural whole maize and natural whole oats from neighbouring farms are fed alongside the whole cereal feed diet.
  6. Whole apples are introduced at 7 weeks to add enrichment.
  7. Unlimited outdoor space, with shaded areas, and dust bowls for scratching.
  8. Absolute scrutiny and traceability of the methods used throughout the entire process.
  9. Transport and factory fully BRC certitifed with the very highest accreditation.

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