English Label Free Range chicken is farmed  on the border of Suffolk and Norfolk. In their own paddocks dedicated entirely to the brand, the chicken are housed in open polytunnels and allowed to roam freely between the cosy tunnels but within their protected paddocks. 

The paddocks have wire protected by electric fencing to keep out predators such as foxes, and other unwanted guests. 

The slow growing chicken are brooded to 4 weeks on a separate farm before being moved to their free range field, at 4 weeks old. Here they will stay and until they are 63-65 days old, enjoying their freedom and open space. 

The whole site is in the middle of a very large old Country Estate, with very well drainingland , surrounded by ancient woodland.

For each new flock the polytunnels are moved by tractor to a new site within the paddocks to ensure fresh ground for the chickens.

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English Label Free Range Chicken

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