Whole Chicken Trussed With Giblets

English Label (formerly Label Anglais) chickens are supplied in cases of 8 chickens. They are available in a variety of 200g weight bands, starting at 1.6-1.8kg up to 2.4-2.6kg.

The giblets are supplied with the chickens, and whilst at the moment only bagged, will be supplied in gas packs to increase shelf life in the very near future.

The shelf life is currently 14 days but we are working to increase this to 16 days and maybe even further with some ground breaking feed trials and innovative packaging solutions.

The cases can either be supplied gas flushed in packs of 4 or naked as a traditional case of 8.

We also do supply in polystyrene box in a gas flush in 8’s with extra ice. This can be useful for onward transport and, or early deliveries.


High Welfare, Free Range

Award-winning produce

Incredible taste and flavour

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English Label Free Range Chicken

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